Landscaping in Northern NV

Landscape companies think Landscaping in Northern Nevada should be focused on the most rock they can install.
We at Hillside think and know that a great looking landscape deals with quality soil, plants and perennials with a
splash of annuals, also a good working irrigation system. To conserve the water to apply it to the plants and not the sea rocks.

Due to our micro climate any quality plant needs to be zoned for our area, also knowledge of their tolerance to
wind, sun, shade, soil conditions. All these factors will help your yard or property flourish and grow.

Landscape planting should look great year after years not like a set of tires that will wear out or slowly

Hillside constantly hears it doesn’t grow in Northern Nevada. This is not TRUE if you plant in poor soil
and don’t irrigate properly it will not grow. Everything living thing needs a good environment to grow SOIL,

Please come and see us at the Show March 14 Thru 16. Love to see you


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